I help women with pre/postnatal health and any hormonal issues using diet and lifestyle, to help them achieve nourishment and balance through their major life stages. Nutritional therapy looks at the person as a whole to try to pinpoint any root causes of disease or imbalance. I can help identify any nutrient deficiencies, sources of inflammation, stress on the mind and body and address them with use of foods, self care techniques, lifestyle changes and where appropriate supplements.

I firmly believe the body has the ability to heal itself and bring balance when given the tools to do so. 


Initial consultation- will last approx 75-90mins. The first 60mins I will ask you questions about systems of the body, your diet and any medication or supplements you are currently taking. 

Initially you will get a basic protocol that you can start right away and recommendation of any supplements needed,  taking into account your lifestyle and financial demands.  

(Supplements and testing are at an additional cost which I can offer at a 10% client discount)

Your personalised main plan will be emailed within 5 days. 

Follow-up- will last approx 40 mins to discuss your successes or challenges and to further your progress. Face to face or skype/phone.


Norfolk Road, Margate, CT9 2HU


1 Month Package - 1 initial and 1 follow up with email support in between  £160

3 Month Package- 1 initial and 3 follow ups with email support £270

5 Month Package- 1 Initial and 6 follow ups with email support £440

Cash, card or bank transfer.