Samantha Ogunpehin

Registered Nutritional Therapist 


My journey to becoming a therapist started with my own health issues throughout my twenties. I had multiple digestive issues, reoccuring acne, depression, insomnia, most definitely adrenal burn out and finally it was uveitis (extremely painful inflammation of the eyes and monthly trips to A+E) that triggered me to take control of my health. 

Sick of GP's and Eye Specialists constantly prescribing steroid drops and painkillers, I decided to start researching into what could be the root cause and healing using natural remedies. 

Factors such as stressful relationships, a diet high in sugar, bread, dairy and caffeine with a job that was in no way fulfilling, were all beginning take their toll. 

Moving to Australia allowed me to discover a super healthy lifestyle and realise that my love for food could connect with healing. Immersed in a naturally beautiful environment and meeting inspiring new people was a turning point. I then came back to London energised and motivated to study nutrition and help others change their lives!

I studied Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) London, for 3 years which included a Biomedicine year, two years Nutrition and 200 hours of Clinic experience. 

I then went on to be a Natural Remedies Advisor, recommending supplements as well as nutrition and non-toxic skincare advice. 

Now I run my own business specialising in preparation for pregnancy, birth, motherhood and kids health.